Michael Veitch describes himself in just two words: ‘actor’ and ‘writer’. Actually, add ‘broadcaster’. Three words. Hm, better throw in TV Presenter. How many’s that? Definitely not more than, say, five words. Maybe more. He does a lot of things.

Having cut his teeth in the glory days of TV sketch comedy with shows such as D-Generation and Fast Forward, Michael Veitch went on to create some of Australia’s most memorable TV characters, such as Wayne (one half of he and Steve Vizard’s ‘Qantas air steward’ duo), the giggling idiot, Kelvin Cunnington, Skippy and a host of other razor-sharp impressions of both the famous and forgettable. continue reading


Michael then performed on stage and TV in various guises, did a stint as a columnist and theatre critic for several newspapers, then, fulfilling his genetic calling, embarked on his first major writing project, collecting the untold stories of Second World War airmen, ‘Flak’. An instant hit, it was followed by a second book, ‘Fly’, then a third, ‘Heroes of the Skies’. Then it was a journey through the little-known islands of Bass Strait, ‘The Forgotten Islands’, and a volume exploring one of the last great untold Australian war stories, the David and Goliath air defence of Port Moresby in early 1942 with ‘44 Days’ –  released July 2016. In the midst of this he also put out a book for the CSIRO: ‘Southern Surveyor’, collecting stories of adventure and discovery from Australia’s marine science survey vessel. In 2017, Michael will have published his seventh book.

Somewhere along the line, Michael was selected to host Australia’s national TV arts show, Sunday Arts (a dream job, he says), which he did valiantly for five years, followed by a three year stint on ABC radio, broadcasting across Tasmania and Victoria.

His passion always, however has been the stories of the airmen of the Second World War. Currently he is touring his one-man stage show, ‘Flak’, based on interviews with former pilots and crews he met during the course of writing the books. This, he says, has been an enormous honour.