44 Days: 75 Squadron and the fight for Australia

Michael tells the extraordinary story of a tiny group of raw Australian pilots holding off the Japanese in the skies of New Guinea for a crucial and heroic six weeks in early 1942. A true but unknown story from our greatest conflict.

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Mystery in The Air

The days when entertainment was live to air live again when comic legend Michael (Big Mickey) Veitch and handsome youngster Simon (The Kid) Oats don their double-breasted dinner suits to bring you this hilarious tribute to the glamour, the style and, let’s face it, the sheer political incorrectness that was the pre-television era and radio was king!

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Michael Veitch - author, actor, comedian, broadcaster...etc

New Release - Hell Ship

In the summer of 1852, a ghost ship rounded the heads of Port Phillip Bay. It was the clipper Ticonderoga†, three months out from Liverpool, carrying emigrants from the Highlands of Scotland to a new life in Australia. What the Ticonderoga†experienced over these months at sea was a floating hell. BUY A SIGNED COPY HERE

Hell Ship soundtrack - EP out now

Thomas Veitch and his cello have done a magnificent job of capturing the voyage as it sat in the hearts of those on board the fateful Ticonderoga. Accompanied at times by the haunting vocal of Rose Hampton the family storytelling continues.

Michael Veitch

Michael Veitch, actor, presenter and critically acclaimed author.